TrainingNo matter what your skill level, we can customize a course curriculum for that utilizes your best strengths and targets areas where growth is needed.


We provide small and large group training courses that focus on specialized workforce skill development and individual progression.


Our Subject Matter Experts (SME's) provide one-on-one training in the form of executive leadership coaching and conflict resolution training. Organizational success depends on a leaders ability to access their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and to collaboratively traverse the management landscape effectively.  

Conflict Management:

The Muse Conflict Management Workshop will prepare you to consider your EQ, as well as, assess your Engagement Style and that of your team.  You will leave, with the insight to more graciously negotiate emotions and engagement tendencies, while acknowledging that of your colleagues, in the workplace.


Free Introductory Courses

Course Date
Flabby Leadership: Are You Lean July 25th
Leader or Manager, what kind of P are YOU? August 22nd
Coach/Shadow/Lead or Lose your Investment (in your teammate) September 19th
Lead with Matery October 17th