Strategic Planning Strategies should not be “shelf-ware” – i.e., documents that sit in binders and are not implementable.

Adaptive and Emerging Strategy Development

We believe that strategy development should be “agile.” Where approaches and solutions evolve through collaboration and emerging opportunities. This approaches incremental changes that are easier to adapt and have a higher likelihood of success. This adaptive technique encourages rapid strategy implementation and flexibility. 

Value-Derived Benefits

The bottom line is that inspired leaders consider the value, not just the cost. They consider the big picture, not just the price tag, and make informed decisions about what they need to buy to make their goals a reality. Cost is straightforward, but the value is in the eye of the beholder. Let Muse help you create strategies that consider both value and cost objectives.

IT Value for the Non-IT Leader

Today, technology is critical to most business initiatives. Yet, many leaders have no knowledge about how to manage IT. It’s all too easy to blame the IT department or the CIO when technological limitations start getting in the way. We help the non-IT leader shed their frustrations about IT and cut through the hype and jargon to produce the required business outcomes.