As CEO and founder of Muse I am committed to our clients and bringing them the assistance they need to achieve successful results for leadership, enterprise and IT planning, and management and execution to meet their current goals and future strategic plans.  

Having served as an information technologist and leader in government for 34 years, my career path included many roles along the way including analyst, project manager, data center manager, program manager, and Deputy CIO before I became the CIO of NASA. I know the importance of having sage advisors and trusted assistants and staff to work with. The knowledge and goodwill I received from both industry and government advisors, assistants and staff helped shape my success as an executive responsible for many projects important to the organizations I served throughout my career.  

Today I am very excited about Muse and working with our clients whether they are managers, technologists, project teams, or seasoned executives to deliver results. As we approach our third year in business we are successfully becoming a respected woman owned small business with certified experienced practitioners with an infrastructure to deliver results for both short term and long term client engagements. 

Recognized as a strong supporter of cloud, social media and open source, I have always worked to balance my vision for the future and the innovations new technology and processes bring with current operations. Muse’s processes are focused on helping you execute a roadmap for rapid results and desired outcomes while applying today’s resources and meeting current schedules as you build for the future. 

Understanding our clients and helping them deliver measurable results today is the benchmark by which I measures Muse’s performance.  Our clients have many choices for selecting their solutions and services providers. I hope you will select Muse as your solutions provider and partner of choice because we are a responsive woman owned small business that offers the sage knowledge and experience of certified practitioners and executives committed to your success today. 

For more information about Muse Technologies, send your queries through or contact Lisa Watson at 240-308-7100 x704.